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Welcome to Jinteng mould

The factory is specialized in producing PET preform mold, blowing mold, bottle mold, mold manufacturers, and production of PET preforms, bottle caps.


Huangyan Chengqu Jinteng mould factory lin in our country township of mould-Huangyan, the traffic extremely convenient, there is a good mould that develops history. It is the best mould production base! Our factory specializs in PET bottle mould, mould producer of the bottle lid mould. Produce PET products. Have high intermediate technical staff 20 more than people now, specialize in, develop one mould more than PET bottle base mould/thermal current dish design and special-shaped bottle/oil bottle design bottle base blow Lapie, bottle base mould thermal current dishes of design applicable the moulding p; astics machine produces the high-quality PET bottle base both at home and abroad unique firmly get the approval of the masses of customers. Our factory absorb foreign advanced technology again...